To observe his landscapes is to enter into a world infused with color. In his paintings many forms reside free from boundaries which at a certain point become landscapes. 

His paintings have a sense of immediacy with fresh brushstrokes and muted details. If he wishes to change something he paints over the existing surface. This methodology creates a new image which intertwines with previous layers thus creating a rich and complex result.

His body of work is not ethnic-culture specific nor political in the traditional or overt sense. He values spontenaity above all.

Art and culture from other times and places informs and inspires his nostalgic connection to Impressionist artists such a Pierre Bonnard, Eugène Boudin and Maurice Louvrier. 

The Seattle Arts & Culture committee has awarded Lagos an Artist-in-Residence séjour May 10 - July 9 2022 at Arts at King Street Station in Seattle, Washington. New works and a rotating retrospective exhibiton detailing his journey as an artist will be on display in his studio space at the King Street Station near Pioneer Square in Seattle.