American Expressionist

Red Tide

Lagos  (1954–    ) Tropical Years, ©. 

16 x 20 inches, acrylic paints on canvas.  Turbulent clouds with churning sea.

Expressly as an artist, Lagos has been creating paintings since 1986. He uses acrylic paints on a variety of surfaces such as corrugated cardboard, cardboard, masonite board and sometimes on canvas. His body of work is not ethnic-culture specific or political in the traditional or overt sense. 

Art and culture from other times and places inform and inspire his nostalgic connection to artists such a Pierre Bonnard, Eugène Boudin and Maurice Louvrier and the Fauves. He hopes to inspire those who see his paintings, to relate to an invention, a vision, instead of the world around them, to discover beauty in imaginary places that evoke reality. He sees beyond the distraction of reality.  His landscapes evoke a certain simplicity.

He paints in order to convey his instinctive urges to create meaningful paintings. French Impressionism is his beat, his thoughts, his concepts about art. His passion is to invent. He paints instinctively until the right image appears on his medium of choice. He allows classical music and the materials on which he paints to guide him.

Today, as in 1986 he creates chooses to create his paintings in the privacy and solitude of his at-home studio. Heavily inspired by the French Impressionists and the Fauves, with their colorful landscape paintings. His distinctive style expresses a vibrant spirit which reflects his life attitude. His independent nature permeates in all his works.

He also draws inspiration from his travels not only to France but to exotic places such as China, Turkey or Egypt. But most of all, he enjoys living in the Pacific North West where he presently lives and works in the West End of Tacoma, Washington.

“Grab a brush, grab some paint, just make it happen.”