To observe his landscapes is to enter into a world infused with colors. In his paintings many forms reside free from boundaries and at a certain point become landscapes. Brash strokes almost take a  sculptural quality. His clouds and landscapes only exist in the realm of the imagination...yours. He allows the viewer to interpret their own experience of life within his works. Without an evident strategy, or plan he allows the brush or palette knife to take their own rhythm to spiritually dictate colors and shapes.  They guide his hand in the creation of a painting. 


"What I do with landscapes is to allow my subconcious my memories and intuition to flow freely…"




Voyages of exploration and discovery into various cultures abroad informs his nostalgic connection of past lives and reveres artists such a Pierre Bonnard or Maurice Louvrier. Over thirty years he has consistently painted though rarely exhibited save for an invitational exhibition at The Tacoma Art Museum in the spring of 2019.  He creates mostly landscapes of which some depict specific places as remembered or representations of personages from his past that bear a significant contribution to his psyche.

Latinamerican by birth and ancestry he does not fit that niche that some people want Latino Artists to fit into: storyline characteristics, political and stereotypical culture [imagery]. His works are influenced by his life experiences free from boundaries  and preset notions of what constitutes art created by a Latinx artist.


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